I’m Alex van Tuyll, an MSc student in biosystems engineering at Wageningen University. I am interested in applying ecosystems thinking to controlled-environment agriculture and vertical farming, using an approach known as AMI (pronounced like ‘Jamie’): aquaponics, mushrooms, and insects. In this way, waste can become food again – connecting resource management to human health by using ecosystems.

This blog is a documentation of this adventure. It includes articles – both broad and detailed – on circular agriculture and indoor farming, summaries of books and webinars, and some of my own personal experiences.

I have been a volunteer at the Association for Vertical Farming and a participant in Wageningen University’s Greenhouse Challenge, as part of team Green Spark. Currently, our team is looking into building a small-scale AMI system. I am also involved in AMI’s Farm Lab, a collective of researchers, farmers, and entrepreneurs in the field.

Hope my writings are of value to you!